Collaboration is the key

A good consultant doesn’t do the work for you, leaving you with a plan that you had no part in creating or facilitating a meeting with Board or staff that accomplishes what the consultant decided needs to be accomplished.

A good consultant first works with you to understand your organization’s strengths and challenges. From there, we work together to define what you want to achieve and how best to get there.

Metrics matter. Together, we will develop a set of measurements that evaluate performance. You won’t have to hope for results, you can count on them.

One client said “a good consultant works to consult herself out of a job, or at least that job.” And that’s what we aim to do—to give you tools and the knowledge to get the work done. Collaboration means more effort by Board members and staff, but you move forward with the power to solve your own problems and realize your mission.

Recognizing that it often “takes a community” to provide organizations with the best advice and information, Janet Levine Consulting often calls in other trusted experts with specific skills and experience to ensure you receive the best solutions and techniques to meet your needs.