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It’s starting to feel like spring, at least it is here in LA.  Days are longer, warmer.  The sun is stronger.  It’s this kind of weather that keeps me here despite the traffic, the congestion, the cost. Spring, of course, means renewal. There are three major meanings for that word. Renewal can be extending the… Read more

Creature of Habit

I am a creature of habit.  I love my routines. More, I rely on them to keep me going. They provide comfort, security, direction. My routines ensure that things get done, deadlines aren’t missed.  They guarantee a consistency in my work. That is all to the good. Too often, fundraising falls victim to inattention.  We… Read more

The 7 Elements of a Successful Small Development Office

And guess what?  It works for larger offices also! My first fundraising job was at a large research university. My days were completely filled with donor and prospect appointments where I was able to provide opportunities for these donors and prospects to support the university.   I fundraised all day, every day. Flash forward a few… Read more

Straws in the Wind

When I was in college, I had an English professor who used to stand in front of the class holding his hand up and waving his fingers.  “Straws in the wind,” he would say and then tell us about something he read, heard, saw that in and of itself may have been fairly innocuous but… Read more