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Stories, case histories, and anecdotes drawn from hundreds of training sessions.

What We Can Learn from the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Generation Z

David Kietzman is the managing partner and chief engagement officer at Momentum Solutions, a company that strengthens communities through communication. Learn more at   Generation Z seems to be the official terminology for the generation proceeding the millennial generation – but people in my circles are replacing the Z with E.  With new ideas… Read more

Direct and Transparent

I love reading spy novels and watching spy movies, but personally I’d never make it as a spy. Spies, by nature are indirect and opaque. I on the otherhand favor directness and transparency. I used to joke that still waters did not run deep with me and what you saw was what you got. So… Read more

Things I Really Don’t Want to Do

 I like to think about the things I do well.  But sometimes I am reminded of things I don’t do well at all.  Like being patient. Going slow.  Being sick.  And now I am going to add having dental surgery to that list.  Not so much the pain, though I didn’t love that, but all the… Read more

Becoming a Coach

About 5 years ago, I took a coaching skills course at the Center for Nonprofit Management in Los Angeles. The instructor was Damien Goldvarg. More than a course, the things I learned became a way of life. A new cohort is being created and classes will start in April. You can attend a free info… Read more