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The 2% (non)Solution

The workshop was good. The presenter, dynamic and on point. The audience seemed engaged. And yet, I couldn’t help but think it all felt a bit stale. A bit too familiar. For all the years I’ve been in and around fundraising, we’ve been doing the same things. Oh sure, tools change, but the techniques do… Read more

Fundraising and Donor Software

Donor Software. Fundraisers know that this can be the Holy Grail for increasing the effectiveness of their fundraising work. But too often, the software we have doesn’t met our needs—and when it does, too often we really don’t know how to use the data the software stores. A study from Software Advice looks at makes… Read more

The Case for a Case

Journalists have a very important job. It’s their duty to accurately report the who, what, why, when, where and how regarding a news story or current event. This year, we’ve been reminded of just how critical their job is, due to the debacle of journalist Brian Williams’ false reporting about an experience he had covering… Read more