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Moving YOU from Mired to Inspired

I sit at my desk, watching the kids playing soccer in the park across the street. I can hear their parents cheering or yelling instructions. I remember when my kids were young and I was that soccer mom.  A few weeks ago, there was no soccer, but the park is never quiet.  We have kick-ballers,… Read more

What’s New In Fundraising?

Constantly I hear that fundraising is changing.  There are many new things that will alter the way we raise funds. New! New! New! But in the 30 years I’ve been involved with fundraising, and 20 before that where I was doing or responsible for sales and marketing in for profit organizations in the financial and… Read more

What’s In A Name-ing Opportunity?

Many years ago, I worked with an organization that had just built a performing arts center.  The funds they needed were mostly provided by state money, but now they needed private funds to help support the programs that would happen inside that building. In creating the plan to raise the money, one idea was a… Read more

Image Is Everything

I picture myself as tall.  And broad.  And even now, I am surprised when I find myself nose to bellybutton with someone I thought was my height.   And, since we already know I have a rich fantasy life, it should be no surprise that I am befuddled when I see how narrow I am.  Physically… Read more