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Donors AND Clients, Staff, Volunteers

Many years ago, I was taken on a tour at Venice Family Clinic, an organization that provides medical care for low-income, uninsured and homeless families and individuals.  As we walked through the waiting room, I was told that when patients register, they are asked if they would like and are able to make a donation… Read more

Death, Taxes, and Charitable Giving

April.  Tax time.  My CPA friends don’t breathe until the 15th.  And so many nonprofits are worrying that this will be the last year of plenty.  Or what passes for.  Or what will, in retrospect, seems like a world rich in charitable donations. I do think that the new tax law could cut into the… Read more


Recently I was talking with a client about their fundraising programs and I asked if they did any planned giving.  As with almost everyone, the answer was no.  I started thinking about why so many organizations don’t do this.  Was it because people didn’t want to think about death and dying?  Was it because it… Read more


We all know the stats—every year, more than 60% of all first-time donors never, ever make a second gift to an organization. Moreover, the Fundraising Effectiveness Project tells us that for every $100 gained from new donors, we lose around $99 from those who lapse.  Worse, for every 100 new donors we bring on board,… Read more