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The Only Two Ways to Fundraise

We talk a lot about the different kinds of fundraising and different kind of donors:  Annual, Major, Planned Giving and Planned GiversWe divide this up and in larger shops, have directors and associate directors of….but truth to tell, there is only two kinds of fundraising: Arm’s length (or transactional) Up close (or relational) And the… Read more

The More things change

Age is interesting.  For example, I’m now at that age when most people—certainly most of the people I know—have already retired or are planning on it in the next year or so.  Lunching with an age-appropriate friend the other day, she noted that we might be the last two standing, and that she was thinking… Read more

The Good, The Bad

At 3 am, the high winds tore off half the Ficus tree in front of our house.  By noon, the city had taken the rest of the tree.  It seemed a fitting end to the year; a year with much laughter and tears.  A year where a lot of good things, and many bad ones,… Read more

Where You Want to Go and How You Want to Grow

Setting fundraising goals too often means the board telling staff—you did great (or not so great!) this year.  Increase that next year by 10%.  But that’s a little like my spouse telling me he expects that next year, Janet Levine Consulting—which is actually just me–should bring in 10% more than it did this year. Well, to… Read more