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Integrated Fundraising

We talk a lot about the different kinds of fundraising and different kind of donors: Annual, Major, Planned Giving and Planned Givers We divide this up and in larger shops, have directors and associate directors of….but truth to tell, there is only two kinds of fundraising: Arm’s length (or transactional) Up close (or relational) And… Read more

Strategic Planning–Reaching Your Tomorrow

  Strategic planning was something I avoided for the first several years of my consulting.  Too many organizations used strategic planning to check a box and never seemed to think about what a strategic plan should do.  And what it should do, of course, is help you to reach your tomorrow. Stated a little more… Read more

What to Do About Donor Advised Funds

Suddenly, there is a lot of talk of Donor Advised Funds, or DAFs.  Although they’ve been around for ages, just in the past few years, organizations like Fidelity have been pushing them so hard that Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund was ranked the number charity in the US, bringing in $4.6 billion last year. Now, to… Read more