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The Board Chair was concerned.  The Board, he said, was losing confidence in the Executive Director.  He spent half of our lunch telling me about erratic behaviors, missed deadlines and—most troubling—instances where the ED had kept things from the Board, things that could have had serious implications. “Have you discussed these concerns with her?” I… Read more

It’s Time To Kill The Unicorn

Envision Consulting is dedicated to providing coaching, planning and staffing tailored specifically to the nonprofit sector. We love you nonprofits. We do. We’re here for you, we’re committed to you, we want to see you grow and thrive and serve more constituency and finally FINALLY have the resources you need tomeet the seemingly endless need.… Read more

Make Board Meetings Less Boring

I spend a lot of my life at board meetings. And typically I think,   “Gad, this is boring.” Too often these are meetings where various and sundry people drone on, telling the rest about something—a budget, a committee decision, a new project. The board members usually seem to be elsewhere—thinking about dinner or something they… Read more

Out Of The Mouths….

A few months ago, the Chronicle of Philanthropy published an article where college students talked about how nonprofits can attract young talent. The answers were depressingly predictable: We have to make them feel that leadership roles are possible. Sure. I agree. But lately, as more and more boomers are retiring, I’m finding that many organizations… Read more