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Is Your Entire Staff Part of the Team?

I called the office of a nonprofit organization and asked to talk to the development director. “She’s not here,” said the person answering the phone.  “Call her back later.”  And then I heard the click of a hang up. Clearly, this person did not feel that development had anything to do with her.  She didn’t… Read more

The Board Dilemma

The board is responsible for fundraising/  Or so you are told. They will identify, cultivate, and–yes!–solicit donors. Only yours do not. You ask them to bring 5 names of people who could support your organization. They bring not a one. You ask them to call their friend and set up a meeting. You wait, and… Read more


The Board Chair was concerned.  The Board, he said, was losing confidence in the Executive Director.  He spent half of our lunch telling me about erratic behaviors, missed deadlines and—most troubling—instances where the ED had kept things from the Board, things that could have had serious implications. “Have you discussed these concerns with her?” I… Read more