Doing Nothing

Niksen.  It’s a Dutch word that means doing nothing.  I discovered this in a NY Times article ) that was making the case that being so busy as we all think we are maybe just isn’t where we want to be.  Maybe, just maybe, doing nothing is more (gasp!) productive that all that busyness. Of course,… Read more

Black Clouds and Silver Linings

Every black cloud has a silver lining.  Some months ago, our beautiful ficus tree that graced the parkway in front of house fell. The city took out the stump and roots, and I was left, feeling bereft (and not a little bit naked).  They have replanted a strawberry tree, that will—in time, just perhaps not my… Read more


Could everybody repeat after me: Fundraising is about relationships. And relationships not only take time, they take nurturing. You can’t walk up to a virtual stranger and say “gimme,” and, on the off chance they do, walk away with nary a thank you and expect that the next time they will give to you again.… Read more

The Dynamic Duo: Marketing and Fundraising

I’m in the process of updating one of the lessons in an online class I teach, Marketing Your Nonprofit.  It’s the lesson on online marketing so I’ve been reviewing and researching, looking to see what is new.  And as I’ve been reviewing and researching, I find myself having so many “Oh, yeah!” moments—and remembering things… Read more