We all know the stats—every year, more than 60% of all first-time donors never, ever make a second gift to an organization. Moreover, the Fundraising Effectiveness Project tells us that for every $100 gained from new donors, we lose around $99 from those who lapse.  Worse, for every 100 new donors we bring on board,… Read more

The Gratitude Express

One of the things I love about working for me is that when I get an idea there is not a while lot of bureaucracy to deal.  Very different from my days in higher education. Public higher ed.  Nowadays,  I do a lot of training and coaching of nonprofit leaders, mainly in areas of fund… Read more

Donor Appreciation

When I began my journey into non-profit work as a volunteer coordinator for a local organization, I was surprised atwhat a big task it was.  I had to coordinate 40-50 volunteers weekly, create assignments for them and communicate that out, and then make sure the volunteers actually did what they were assigned to do.  At… Read more

Major Donors and Major Gifts

John and Sarai are long-time loyal donors.  Every year, for the past eight or so years, they have made a $10,000 gift.  You consider them—rightly—as major donors. But is their gift a major gift? Not to them, I would argue.  If every year, every year, they can make what is a large gift, then they… Read more