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Difficult Fundraising Conversations

Many years ago, I was working at a university that was just starting its foray into a capital campaign. We had spent many months cultivating one of our most loyal donors with the goal of getting her to make the lead gift for the campaign—a gift of several million dollars.  Finally, she said YES. I don’t need… Read more

The Itch

The itch. As anyone who has ever had a cast will tell you, the itch is the worst thing. There are other things, of course. The inability to do oh, so much. The barbed wire bracelets that I intellectually know are not wrapped around my wrist, but I feel them nonetheless. There are good things, too. The perfect strangers… Read more

Yes, It Is Time For your End Of The Year Appeal

It’s August.  Do you have your end-of-the-fundraising plan ready? This may feel early, but truthfully, you are already a little bit late.  You should start the end of the year fundraising pretty much as soon as last year’s fundraising effort is over. This is really important. Over 30% of all annual gifts come in during the… Read more

Three Terrific Fundraising Tools

Too often, we spend all our time setting up appointments or going to networking events without spending the Sample call report MEETING PLANNER Intentional fundraisingtime to plan for how we want these activities to turn out.  We go to a mixer and know that we want to get people excited about our organization, but we… Read more