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It Takes Money To Raise Money

Our client had a conundrum.  His organization needed a better landing page.  The one they had was unattractive, not intuitive and difficult to navigate.  However, he knew that most people who went online to give had already made the decision to support the organization; online was just a method that seemed easiest to them. “Should… Read more


We know, you already thank every single donor for every single gift, regardless of size.  But do you have your board members write a personal note (even just a scribbled “THANK YOU” and then their name and “Board Member”)?  But stewardship is so much more than just saying thanks.  And beyond the ideas illustrated above,… Read more


Every year when Thanksgiving comes around, one of our favorite questions to ask is what you give thanks for.  Usually it’s family, health, happiness (and maybe the winning numbers to the lottery!).  All the things we want and sometimes take for granted.  It’s also the time when we start to think about donating to our… Read more

Giving Thanks

I’m not a holiday kind of person.  I don’t have or attend large family and friend dinners; hate giving and receiving gifts.  Don’t get all misty-eyed over holiday songs, plays, stories, movies, ballet.  But there is something I enjoy about Thanksgiving. I like when people reflect on what they are thankful for. Too often, our… Read more