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The Good, The Bad

At 3 am, the high winds tore off half the Ficus tree in front of our house.  By noon, the city had taken the rest of the tree.  It seemed a fitting end to the year; a year with much laughter and tears.  A year where a lot of good things, and many bad ones,… Read more

OOPS! You Blew It!

With all the best intentions in the world, you somehow haven’t managed to get your end of the year appeal together.  Either you haven’t done anything or maybe you just haven’t gotten around to segmenting your list.  Perhaps you intended on sending it out before Thanksgiving but now it’s looking like squeaking it in before… Read more

Real Fundraising

You’ve just been hired as (check off one):  ___Director of Development ___ Chief Development Officer ____Director of Major Gifts Your charge is to increase funding from individuals and, perhaps, institutions such as foundations and corporations.  You’ve been set a pretty ambitious goal for your first year.  So what do you immediate begin to do? If… Read more