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It’s 62 degrees inside my sister-in-law’s house, but she won’t turn up the heat.  That’s just not the way she does things.  So we are all sitting, huddling under blankets, wearing too many layers, feeling neither warm nor comfortable. As I sit here, my fingers clumsy on the keyboard, I can’t help but think of… Read more

The Legacy Your Donors Want to Leave

Not long ago, a friend of mine came to me with a different kind of problem.  All throughout her marriage, she and her late husband felt a strong obligation to ensure that their two sons would have a good inheritance. While they didn’t exactly scrimp, they definitely saved.  All to the good; they were easily able… Read more

How To Hire

Of all the difficult things nonprofits have to do, perhaps the most difficult is hiring the right development staff.  Part of the problem is that too often, non-development people form the bulk of the search committee, and what they see is not always what they get.  Nor is it what they need. When we think… Read more


There.  Now I have your attention. Money.  A topic more difficult to discuss than sex.  And yet, for those of us who are (or were) fundraisers, an important topic, and one on which we need to get a handle. Recently, I was at a conference where participants were sharing success stories.  One group told about… Read more